Antique Pocket Watch Repair Beginner Course

Antique Pocket Watch Repair Beginner Course

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Learn to repair pocket watches.

If you enjoy antique watches as a hobby, repair your collection or start a watch repair business, this DVD course is for you. Learn watch repair with this video course. A course manual is included! Watch, study and learn antique watch repair through DVD course instruction using actual live repairs! The video clip you are viewing here is a preview of the 5+ hour course on 4 DVDs. Tick Tock Productions.

8 thoughts on “Antique Pocket Watch Repair Beginner Course”

  1. could you please advise me how I go about purchasing these pocket watch repair dvds and how much they are and posetage cost thanks Bob Crompton

  2. Yes, they are available to the U.K. Shipping to the U.K. is free. See the website address in the description above. If you have any other questions, please feel free to write.

  3. aussiebob Do you sell your dvds as I live in the UK if so could you please give me details on how I can purchase your dvds thanks Bob

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