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Browse our wide selection of Airflow Collectibles including Blue Sky King Tricycle, Red Baron Pedal Bi-plane, Pink Sky Princess Trike, red or pink Hot Rod Antique pedal cars and full size red Fire Truck. Each Airflow Collectible is hand crafted to deliver a solid, safe and enjoyable ride. Turn any driveway into a runway and any patio into an.

Sky King Tricycle for Sale, Dark Blue Sky King Junior Tricycles By Airflow Collectibles Inc. ORIGINAL REGULAR SIZE AFC AIRFLOW COLLECTIBLES SKY KING BOY’S RED.

Airflow Red Sky King Junior Tricycle. Original Retro Airflow Collectibles Sky Princess Girl’s Tricycle. Youth Vilano 3-in-1 Tricycle & Learn to Ride Trike, Blue

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You will be taken back by just the sight of our Sky King Tricycle! Originally produced by the Junior Toy Corporation in 1936, these amazing reproductions are sure to be a collectors item in the years to come.

Make heads turn with this beautiful Red Sky King Junior Trike by Airflow Collectibles. Pink Sky Princess Tricycle. AFC Airflow Collectibles Bicycle.

Sky Princess Airflow Tricycle-Pink Powder Coating. This is a used tricycle: Very few blemishes Some scratch marks (fenders) Light works with AA batteries/reflectors

Airflow Collectibles Airflow Red Sky King Junior. Airflow Collectibles Airflow Red Sky King Junior. child can take a ride on our Sky King Jr. Tricycle.

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The retro movement is sweeping the country and now you can be a part of it with our incredible Sky Princess Tricycle! Fashioned exactly after the original Sky King Trikes from 1936, these amazing replicas are sure to be a collectors item in the years to come.

The neighbors will be sure to see you coming when you ride the Junior Pink Princess Tricycle! Same style and quality as the original Pink Princess Tricycle…

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Red Sky King Plane.jpg. Jr. Tricycle In Stock Now! FEATURED ITEMS. Airflow. Pinks Princess Tricycle TSK003. Black-Comet-Pedal-Car.png. Airflow.

Airflow Collectibles: Planes, Trains, Cars and Bikes There are run-of the-mill children’s bikes, and then there are heirloom-quality models like these, which combine fun themes with pedal-powered movement. Along with plenty of cool tricycles, this selection also includes a Thomas the Tank Engine train car, a sport racer prop plane in fire.

These beautiful 1936 replicas are a collectible for years to come, with the original Sky King trikes selling for over $3000, these great looking trikes are now affordable for the whole family and the future collectors of the replicas. Identical in every way to the Sky King of old. Typically found in category Tricycles.

The Vintage 1930’s Sky King Trike is estimated to sell on the secondary retail market ( known selling price ) for an average of $1500.00 to as much as $3000.00, depending on the condition and where it is for sale at. If restored to Original it will bring closer to the $3000.00, if in really bad condition it would sell for under the 1500.00.

Airflow Tricycles: Outdoor Fun with Retro Flair. Sky King and Sky Princess Tricycle Junior. Airflow, Airflow Collectibles, Airflow Tricycles.

Airflow Collectibles toy tricycles including the Sky King tricycle, the Junior Skyking tricycle, the Road Hog tricycle, the Sky Princess tricycle and more. Kids will LOVE these.

Airflow Jr. Red Skyking Tricycle TSK005 Riding Toys on Sale! Airflow Jr. Red Skyking TricycleSKY KING JUNIOR – Red SKY KING Jr. TRICYCLE. Airflow Collectibles Sky.

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Junior Sky King Tricycle. $ 132 Gilt. $ 189. Quick View. This selection from Airflow includes a Thomas the Tank Engine train car, Airflow Collectibles Trikes,

Buy Airflow Red Sky King Junior Tricycle:. Airflow Collectibles Jr. Dark Blue Sky King. Battery Powered Ride On Toy ATV Four Wheeler With Princess Theme.