What’s On My Coffee Table? | Book Selection

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I wanted to share some of the more rare, vintage books my husband and I are showcasing at the moment on our coffee table. I have far too many coffee table books. Try and stop me!

I hope you enjoy getting a closer look at some of these books. A few of them are very unique. I can’t find anything about Nature’s Secrets when I search for it. If you know any info, let me know?! I believe it was originally published in 1920, it’s almost 100 years old!

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Usborne Books haul- 7 year old reluctant reader

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We *just* got a small book order in & while I intended for this video to be short, it is a pretty decent peek at 8 books spanning preschool to middle grade fiction.

Shop my store front here: h7104.myubam.com

The Clockwork Sparrow:

Hey Jack: The Worry Monsters

Billy and the Mini Monsters:

Consentino: The Missing Ace

The Silver Serpent Cup:

Amelia Who Could Fly:

Billie’s Animal Hospital Adventure:

Get Ready For School:

A Millionaire’s Lifelong Obsession Pursuing the Most Valuable Book in the World

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Folger was an avid collector of Shakespeareana, assembling the world’s largest collection of First Folio editions of Shakespeare’s plays.[3] The first rare book Folger acquired was a 1685 copy of the Fourth Folio, purchased in 1889 for $107.50. He purchased his first original copy of the First Folio four years later, in 1893. Unlike other wealthy collectors of the period, like Henry E. Huntington and J.P. Morgan, Folger favored “imperfect” copies of rare volumes, with their marginalia and other markings. Following this trend, his Folio collection was marked with diversity in provenance and condition. He preferred to purchase Early Editions of books published between 1567 and 1606, in addition to manuscripts of the period. Based on their collective knowledge of Latin and French, and Emily’s proficiency in German, the couple also favored rare volumes published on the Continent in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The couple was less interested in art collection, and many of the Shakespeare-related paintings they purchased were misattributed to artists like Thomas Gainsborough.

The Folgers chose items to purchase from booksellers’ catalogues, which were initially perused and marked up by Emily, before she passed them on to Henry, who kept an extensive and precise list of items he intended to bid on. If possible, he inspected an item personally before purchasing it. He also avoided consulting scholarly experts about rare volumes, preferring his own and Emily’s expertise, as she received an M.A. from Vassar College in 1896 for a thesis on Shakespeare. Folger used professional booksellers as middlemen at auctions, believing that the concealment of his identity would keep prices low. Few of the Folgers’ acquisitions were stored in their living space. Emily entered purchases into an extensive card catalog housed in a Brookyln Standard Oil warehouse, which also stored rare books in ten-gallon oil cases. The most valuable items were kept in bank vaults.

Folger financed a half-century of collecting with his Standard Oil salary and extensive investments in the company. His high placement at Standard Oil also allowed him to take out loans with his friend Charles Millard Pratt, John D. Rockefeller, and even his wife, to fund his purchases. He generally paid for items in cash, a strategy that earned him the favor of many booksellers who needed immediate funds. Folger also preferred to purchase whole collections, like the Halliwell-Phillipps collection, acquired in 1908, because bulk purchases drove down prices of individual items.[1]

In 1909, Folger established a Shakespeare Prize at Amherst; winning students won a cash prize, and their essays joined Folger’s collection and currently reside in the Folger Shakespeare Library. Folger also made donations to Amherst College’s library, contributing many duplicate volumes purchased at auction to the College. The most valuable of these donations were two leaves from a Gutenberg Bible.

Early in his career at Standard Oil and as a collector, Folger doubted that he would eventually have the funds to build a memorial or library for his growing collection, and in 1895 he offered to sell it to John D. Rockefeller, who refused. Before he acquired the funds for what was to become the Folger Shakespeare Library, Folger also debated selling the collection to a university.[1]

Toward the end of World War I, Folger and his wife began searching for a location for his Shakespeare library. Among the sites he and Emily considered were Amherst and Nantucket, Massachusetts, the University of Chicago, New York City, and Stratford-upon-Avon, before they settled on a Washington, D.C. site they discovered in 1918 during a layover in the city while traveling to Hot Springs. Folger spent nine years purchasing the fourteen row houses that occupied the block of East Capitol Street between First and Second Streets, which he would demolish to build his Library; thus, they did not make their choice of a site on Capitol Hill public until 1928. Soon afterwards, Congress passed a resolution allowing use of the land on East Capitol Street where the Folger Shakespeare Library now stands.

Stan Lee IS Comics (1922-2018)

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Stan Lee died at the age of 95 this week. Will takes a look back on the impact he had on not just Marvel comics, but the entire comic book industry.

Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel
Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir
Stan Lee’s How to Write Comics
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Great Power
The Fantastic Four Omnibus vol 1
Marvel Masterworks: The Incredible Hulk Volume 1


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This week we dug up a wildlife encyclopedia collection worth $750 along with several hundreds of dollars worth in other books.

Also we were able to find some awesome electronics. We found an expensive wireless headset and some computer briefcases and backpacks.

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NY Bookstore Stands Against New Abortion Law, Closes Store

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Exclusive: NY Bookstore Stands Against New Abortion Law, Closes Store To Mourn ‘Thousands of Babies That Will Die’ A New York bookstore is taking a stand against a law that was signed in the Empire State on Tuesday legalizing late-term abortions. On Wednesday, Jon Speed, owner of the Jon Speed: The Book Scout in Syracuse, closed the doors of his business for one day in protest of a law that pro-abortion liberals literally celebrated. Speed says that while he’s been vocal in the past about pro-life issues, even producing a pro-life documentary, this is the first time he’s taken a public stand like this. He told The Western Journal that after the legislation was passed and signed, he was so “distraught” that he had a hard time sleeping. The legislation that was signed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, known as the Reproductive Health Act, not only legalizes late-term abortions but allows non-doctors to perform abortions, according to Syracuse.com. Additionally, the legislation was passed and signed into law on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that created a constitutional right to an abortion. “It was definitely intentional,” he said. “Cuomo has not been shy about slapping conservatives around New York state. Speed said that what is happening in New York in regards to the legislation is what could happen across the United States if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Savage Strike Sucks Because No NeedleFiber ??? Why The Yugioh Community Is Trashing This Set

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Have a great YGOpro 2 or YGOPro Percy Links replay -send it to me and I might commentate it – [email protected] (seriously only replays or dank memes please) . Also if you have a message for me PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL (I almost never check my YT messages cause I’m lazy)

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Dialog with Rex Christi National Emergencies Act

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The National Emergency Act passed by Congress and signed into law by President Gerald Ford on September 14th 1976 was touted as “legislation to limit open-ended declarations of national emergency.”

But in 1977, a provision of that act, “the Declaration of National Economic Emergency” was brought into question. It became obvious to Congress that the “trading with the enemy” provision had become a cart blanch Presidential Power, removed from the reality of whether the “enemy” was indeed the enemy or not, whether any threat existed or not. The enemy was the enemy simply because the President “declared it so” by his word alone. It simply required a “Declaration of Economic Emergency” by the president.

Some sounded the alarm in Congress:
The National Emergency Act “has become essentially an unlimited grant of authority for the President to exercise, at his discretion, broad powers in both the domestic and international economic arena, without congressional review. These powers may be exercised so long as there is an unterminated declaration of national emergency on the books, whether or not the situation with respect to which the emergency was declared bears any relationship to the situation with respect to which the President is using the authorities” H. Rep. No. 95-459, at 7 (1977)

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Josh The Warmaster Barnett, PCS 2000 AD Slaine, Domino Art Print, Court of the Dead – Sideshow Live!

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On this episode we are joined by wrestling and MMA icon Josh “The Warmaster” Barnett as we take a look at the 2000 AD Slaine Statue by PCS Collectibles, we get a closer look at the Domino ‘Luck be a Lady’ Fine Art Print by Alex Garner, and lastly going over the Court of the Dead – Aspects of Death Masks to see how they display with the Death Premium Format Figure.

Welcome to the show Josh “The Warmaster” Barnett! For those of you that don’t know Josh, he is a legend in the world of wrestling and mixed martial arts both here in the USA, and in Japan. He’s also been affectionately referred to as “the world’s strongest nerd” – with a very public and open love for pop culture, comic books, anime, and Magic the Gathering. Josh is a fan of 2000 AD and is ready to take a look at the SLAINE statue! Our friends at PCS Collectibles have kindly lent us the prototype for the show today. Wait until you get a look at that thing! It’s just brutal and awesome! Who doesn’t love a gore-splattered barbarian?

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We’re also taking a look at the Domino: Luck Be a Lady Fine Art Print by artist Alex Garner. After completing her latest assignment in a crowded casino, there’s just enough time for Domino to unwind with some X-Men themed Days of Future Cash slots. But her good luck spells misfortune for others- gold coins and shell casings litter the carpet as Neena Thurman sits on top of her next big payout. With a sultry gaze and a smoking gun, this mutant mercenary dares you to test your luck against her deadly abilities.

Each Domino: Luck Be a Lady Fine Art Print is hand-signed by Alex Garner as a part of the limited edition of 200 pieces. This Marvel fine art collectible will be the next big hit in your home collection.

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From Sideshow’s Court of the Dead – the Aspects of the Death 1:4 Scale Mask Set is on today’s show! This unique collection can be showcased on its own, or displayed as swap-out accessory masks on the Death: Master of the Underworld Premium Format™ Figure.

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And how can we have a show with Death’s Masks, without Death himself… Check out the Death: Master of the Underworld, an original character design from our Court of the Dead Premium Format™ figure collection.

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Women in 19th century America 8 old books advice female authors culture

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Women in American society & culture. Collection of eight (8) 19th century antiquarian books.

The Girl’s Book, by Mrs. L. H. Sigourney.
1849, New York, Robert Carter & Brothers. Beautiful decorated cloth, gilt spine.

Tales in Verse, by Mary Howitt.
1839, Boston, Week, Jordan & Company. Early publishers patterned purple cloth, gilt title.

Little Women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, Part Second, by Louisa M. Alcott.
1876, Boston, Roberts Brothers. Well worn condition.

The Mother at Home; or the Principles of Maternal Duty, by John S. C. Abbott.
1833, Boston, Crocker and Brewster. Beautiful period full morocco leather binding, spine gilt lettered & ornamented compartments, covers outline decorated, early owners name in gilt to front board.

Modern Women and What is Said of Them.
1868, New York, J. S. Redfield.

Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of Mrs. Hannah More, In Two Volumes, Vols. 1 & 2, by William Roberts, Esq. 1839, New York, Harper & Brothers. Early publishers plain cloth.

Woman: in All Ages and in All Countries, Volume Seven, Women of Modern France, by Hugo P. Thieme, Ph.D.
1907, Philadelphia, George Barrie & Sons. Well illustrated, nice decorative leather binding, marbled boards & endpapers, all edge gilt.

All appear complete and entirely acceptable examples, a nice lot.

Short video captures condition much better than words. Please watch prior to purchase to ensure a clear understanding of the lot. Nicer lot than typical.

Smallest book measures: 6 1/4″ H X 4 1/4″ W.
Largest book measures: 8 5/8″ H X 5 3/4″ W.

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Konmari Method has changed my life. I recently realized that I have been feeling so stressed because I was drowning in stuff. Watch me declutter my entire house using the Konmari method (Marie Kondo) organization to declutter and organize everything kondo style for a clean home. I will be showing you a before and after of my home. Hopefully this will inspire you to declutter your home too!
In the months leading up to this purge we donated many carloads of items to the salvation army and local groups I found on Facebook. But a lot of it was turned away. So we hired 1-800-Got-Junk (not sponsored) and the truckload they took away at the end of the video was taken to their warehouse where they sort it, donate, recycle and then dispose of the remaining items. Although going this route was a bit more expensive then us just driving it to the dump, I felt better knowing that it would go to the proper place.

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Mariano Rivera enters game in 7th, records seven-out save

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8/23/96: Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera comes into the game with two outs in the 7th and records a seven-out save, striking out five

Check out for more!

About MLB.com: About MLB.com: Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced on January 19, 2000, that the 30 Major League Club owners voted unanimously to centralize all of Baseball’s Internet operations into an independent technology company. Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) was formed and charged with developing, building and managing the most comprehensive baseball experience available on the Internet. In August 2002, MLB.com streamed the first-ever live full length MLB game. Since that time, millions of baseball fans around the world have subscribed to MLB.TV, the live video streaming product that airs every game in HD to nearly 400 different devices. MLB.com also provides fans with a stable of Club beat reporters, extensive historical information and footage, online ticket sales, official baseball merchandise, authenticated memorabilia and collectibles and fantasy games.
Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced on January 19, 2000, that the 30 Major League Club owners voted unanimously to centralize all of Baseball’s Internet operations into an independent technology company. Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) was formed and charged with developing, building and managing the most comprehensive baseball experience available on the Internet. In August 2002, MLB.com streamed the first-ever live full length MLB game over the Internet when the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees faced off at Yankee Stadium. Since that time, millions of baseball fans around the world have subscribed to MLB.TV, the live video streaming product that airs every game in HD to nearly 400 different devices. MLB.com also provides an array of mobile apps for fans to choose from, including At Bat, the highest-grossing iOS sports app of all-time. MLB.com also provides fans with a stable of Club beat reporters and award-winning national columnists, the largest contingent of baseball reporters under one roof, that deliver over 100 original articles every day. MLB.com also offers extensive historical information and footage, online ticket sales, official baseball merchandise, authenticated memorabilia and collectibles and fantasy games.

Major League Baseball consists of 30 teams split between the American and National Leagues. The American League consists of the following teams: Baltimore Orioles; Boston Red Sox; Chicago White Sox; Cleveland Indians; Detroit Tigers; Houston Astros; Kansas City Royals; Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim; Minnesota Twins; New York Yankees; Oakland Athletics; Seattle Mariners; Tampa Bay Rays; Texas Rangers; and Toronto Blue Jays. The National League, originally founded in 1876, consists of the following teams: Arizona Diamondbacks; Atlanta Braves; Chicago Cubs; Cincinnati Reds; Colorado Rockies; Los Angeles Dodgers; Miami Marlins; Milwaukee Brewers; New York Mets; Philadelphia Phillies; Pittsburgh Pirates; San Diego Padres; San Francisco Giants; St. Louis Cardinals; and Washington Nationals.

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Book Review ~ Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson & 100+ Subscriber Giveaway.

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A (mostly) unedited video in which I ramble on about reading and books.

Today my husband, Duncan, is reviewing an audiobook he recently listened to called Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson and I am announcing a giveaway to celebrate over 100 subscribers. We met Ruby Wax the other night and I’m giving away a signed copy of her latest book along with a rather snazzy tote bag.

Our cuppa is just a bog standard Yorkshire Tea.

Also… apologies for the BBC News update halfway through. We like to keep our fingers on the pulse of current affairs.


Eco and classic cars get engines revving at Brussels Motor Show

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(18 Jan 2019) LEADIN:
Gull wings, smart eco-cars that know your name, and classic motor cars.
That covers just some of the engine-revving vehicles drawing glances at the 97th edition of the annual Brussels Motor Show.
Tesla “Model X”‘s striking gull wings are drawing the attentions of visitors at this year’s Brussels Motor Show.
But it’s Tesla’s eco-credentials that echo the trending topics at the event – car sharing and electric vehicles.
The Smart Vision EQ fortwo vehicle by Mercedes-Benz is a small, driverless electric two-seater.
It boasts features, such as a display with personalized messages and doors that close remotely using a smartphone.
The autonomous car is designed to be hailed in cities, the way people currently call a taxi.
Joost Kaesemans is the communication director for the Belgium and Luxembourg Car and Motorcycle Federation (FEBIAC), which organizes the event.
“We want to incite people to ‘Have a look at your mobility, change your mobility,'” he says.
“It’s not only about cars, it’s about different modes of transport that will serve you very well as mobility needs are not always the same, inside the cities, outside the cities. We have to talk about the future and shared cars are one of the aspects of our automotive future.”
Kaesemans says the Belgian car market has been strong in recent years.
But with the United Kingdom now set to leave the European Union on 29 March, predictions for the future are uncertain, he adds.
“Well, it’s hard to tell whether Brexit will have a great influence, an important influence on car markets,” he says.
“I think it might affect the industry, the car-making industry, but on car sales, I don’t think it will have an immediate impact on the sales numbers we achieve.”
Aspirational cars have their own dedicated section, aptly named “Dream Cars.”
It features cars made by Ferrari, Jaguar and Rolls-Royce.
The star of the show is this classic vehicle, a blue Invicta S33 with a low chassis.
FEBIAC spokesman Christophe Dubon says the coveted section is a new addition for the 2019 edition of the show.
“For the first time, we have an entire pavilion dedicated to Dream Cars for the whole duration of the exhibit,” he says.
“In the previous years, we only had it for the last four days. This is the first time we showcase this to our public a full Dream Cars section for the entire duration of the show.”
Vans and light trucks also feature prominently at the Brussels Motor Show.
Sales of commercial vehicles are booming thanks to delivery vans needed for online purchases, explains Dubon.
“Over the past years, the vans and light-vehicles sector’s performance has been very good,” he says.
“This market sector has been growing in the last five years. It’s really an expanding sector and this is very easy to explain because thanks to e-commerce there’s a growing need for small delivery vehicles fueled by the need for individual deliveries.”
The exhibit features several pavilions dedicated to two-wheeled models, from sport motorcycles to the latest Vespa models.
Organizers say they’re expecting to attract about 400,000 visitors from all over Belgium.
According to Brussels Motor Show statistics, between 4 and 5 percent of the entire Belgian population have visited previous editions.  
The event runs till 27 January at the Brussels Expo Center.

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