Yallfest 2018 Book Haul

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Hey guys! Here is my Yallfest Book Haul!!! I came home with 27 new books/arcs this year! It was amazing! I got so many great books for both myself and for Xander as well as a few to put in a giveaway at some point. I hope you enjoy the video! Love you bunches!

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The Hunger Games – Peeta Collectible Doll – CJF36 CJF34 – MD Toys

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Peeta Mellark, together with Katniss and the rest of their trusted friends from District 13 engage in an all-out mass rebellion against the Capitol in the fourth and final installment of the Hunger Games franchise. Peeta wears a detailed costume straight from the film, Mockingjay Part 2. His futuristic all-black outfit includes a coat with a high folded collar, utility harness with crisscrossing straps, fingerless gloves and short sculpted boots. Fans of the “Hunger Games” films and books will love this collection of dolls based on the final film in the series. Collect them all! Each sold separately; subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary. Dolls cannot stand alone.

Your old books can change some one’s life

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#oldbooks #standnstride #community

Stand N Stride recently organised a camp to collect old books and stationary from the residents at sector 19 pocket 1. Study material and stationary collected in the camp would be distributed to the underprivileged children.

Sunny Kumar,
Radio Dwarka,
India’s First Online Community Radio,
Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Evil Nun Full Gameplay

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Evil Nun

Run away of an evil nun while solving puzzles and exploring a school of horror

An evil nun has you locked up in a school, find out its mysteries and get out before it’s too late.


Evil nun hears everything. Be cautious not to attract her attention or make noise to attract it.
Hide to go unnoticed.
Discover the way to leave school solving puzzles
Large school to explore.

If you want to have a scary time, play ‘Evil Nun’ now and try to escape from the demon school. The scares are insured.

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2018 Dr Seuss’ The Grinch Movie My Busy Books story book figurines toys full set 12 world collection USA unboxing review. Fast Food Toys reviews the Universal Studios Illumination The Grinch my busy book and the figures toys. The 2018 animated Grinch movie follows after How the Grinch stole Christmas movie featuring Jim Carrey. There are 12 Grinch toys that you can use inside the book. My Busy Books is similar to Stuck On Stories book and comes with fun little toys. The next McDonald’s toys are the McDonald’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Happy Meal toys after the McDonalds Disney Ralph Breaks The Internet Wreck-It Ralph 2 toys, My Little Pony, Bumblebee Transformers, Hello Kitty & Pokemon toys. Meanwhile Burger King will have the Aquaman movie toys after Hotel Transylvania 3 toys and the Rabbids toys. We have done the unboxing of all the My Busy Book The Grinch toys & show them unboxed! McDonald’s UK & Canada have the 2018 McDonalds Rubik’s cubes & Animal Jam Happy Meal toys.

McDonald’s Disney Happy Meal toys are known worldwide. In Brazil they are known as mclanche feliz brinquedos disney while in Mexico they are cajita feliz juguetes disney. We love the Ralph Breaks The Internet Wreck-It Ralph 2 movie trailers and the McDonald’s Wreck It Ralph 2 Happy Meal toys commercial advert!

The 12 Dr. Seuss The Grinch characters toys are: Cindy-Lou Who, Young Grinch, The Grinch, The Grinch as Santa Claus, Max the Dog, Max as a reindeer, Groopert, Ozzy, Izzy, Axl, Bricklebaum, and the Grinch die / dice.

Watch 2018 McD’s Everything Ralph Breaks The Internet Happy Meal toys & food products collection:

2018 Disney Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet Stuck On Stories book magnet suction cups toys:

2018 McDonald’s Ralph Breaks The Internet Wreck It Ralph 2 Happy Meal toys

2018 Jollibee around the world jolly kiddie meal toys 2:

2018 Pez Incredibles 2 full world set candy dispensers collection

2018 Incredibles 2 stuck on stories book review

2018 McDonald’s Spiderman Happy Meal toys into the spiderverse full world set 12 preview

2018 McDonald’s Pokemon Cards TCG full set 12

2018 Building Blocks McDonald’s Happy Meal toys full set:

2018 Incredibles 2 My Busy Books story book toys

2018 McDonalds Pokemon Happy Meal toys Pokemon cards TCG

2018 Hotel Transylvania 3 Burger King Jr kids meal toys

2018 McDonalds Pokemon Happy Meal toys Japan Asia:

2018 McDonald’s Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys Sanrio 8:

2018 McDonald’s Hotel Transylvania 3 Happy Meal toys full world set 13:

2018 McDonalds Rovio Angry Birds Happy Meal toys

2018 McDonald’s Rubik’s cube Happy Meal toys full world set 20

McDonalds Justice League Vs Jollibee Justice League toys 2018

Subway Just Dance 2019 kids meal toys:

2018 McDonalds Power Rangers Lupinranger Vs Patranger Happy Meal toys

McDonalds Justice League Action Happy Meal toys full world set 13:

2018 McDonalds Bumblebee Transformers movie & McDonalds My Little Pony Happy Meal toys:

2017 McDonalds Despicable Me 3 Happy Meal toys full world set 29:

2018 McDonalds Incredibles 2 vs 2004 The Incredibles:

2018 McDonald’s Hello Sanrio My Melody Happy Meal toys:

2018 McDonald’s Choro Q Happy Meal toys:

2018 McDonalds Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Dinosaur Happy Meal toys:

2018 McDonald’s Super Mario Happy Meal toys full world set 13

McDonald’s Sonic the hedgehog Happy Meal toys vs 2018 Subway Sonic full set 4:

2018 McDonald’s The Amazing World Of Gumball Happy Meal toys full world set:

Editing by FastFoodToys, music by Vexento

About us, the Fast Food Toys channel: we are a family friendly channel and we mainly do fast food toy reviews, cereal toys, kinder toy surprise eggs and other fun next new toys including McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, Burger King Jr kids meal toys, Jollibee toys, Sonic, Carl’s Jr, Wendy’s, KFC, Arby’s, Taco Bell, Subway, Denny’s and other restaurant toys! Please subscribe! 🙂

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Truman Capote. Signed first edition

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First edition presentation copy inscribed by Capote on the front free endpaper, “for Martha Robertson, with love, Truman Capote”. The recipient was Martha Hunt Robertson (1931-2014), an art teacher from Guntersville, Alabama, who in 1977 married noted journalist-novelist William Bradford Huie (1910–1986), of Hartselle, Alabama.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s is rare inscribed – we have only ever handled one other.

For more information, and to view the book online, click here:

Adult Colouring Book Collection!

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Life is Strange | Episode 4 Part 6: One for the Books

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Life is Strange | Episode 4 Part 6: One for the Books

I don’t even know what to say…this episode took this game to some very dark places. You’ve been warned. It’s still a great episode in my opinion, but wow…

Game Description:

You play as Max, an eighteen year old girl attending a photography school. As a high schooler, you deal with all the normalcies of everyday life, such as drama, bullies, grades, etc. but with one caveat: you can fast forward and rewind time.


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Bettina Arndt makes waves with her book #MenToo on morning television

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Bettina Arndt on Channel 7’s Sunrise programme talking about her new book.

#MenToo will be on sale in limited quantities next week. Pre-order through Booktopia or Wilkinson Publishing for paperback, e-books and signed copies.

Source: Channel 7 Sunrise



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Production and Research – Irene Komen
Production – Scott Korman
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The Memory Box Project

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We asked people to fill a box with the items that will remind their families of them when they are gone. Leaving behind personal items is one way to care for your family after you’re gone. Pre-planning your final arrangements is another. Visit mountpleasantgroup.com/MemoryBox to pre-plan with us and start your Memory Box today.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us // Adam Wilber Totally Baffles Them!

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It’s me Adam Wilber and this was my Penn & Teller Fool Us episode. I had a guy sign his one dollar bill and turned it into a one hundred…and it was signed!

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If you want to learn the method behind this madness go here:

A want to thank everyone for being so supportive and kind about the fool us episode!
I want to personally thank the man behind the effect Juan Carlos Rodarte. Without him, none of this would be possible. The best part is what the future of Magic now has in store.
Another huge thank you to one of my idols in magic Michael Close for being so helpful in coming up with the routine and scripting. Also to Brent M Braun and the Magic Firm!
Everything I’ve done in life that’s been worth anything significant has been possible only with the help of others I am lucky enough to call friends.
Thank you all!


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These are the rarest eye colors in the world. Do blue or green eyes surprise you? Well, get ready to see even stranger colors, colors that you won’t believe really exist.

Here the top 10 of the rarest eye colors in the world

Eyes of uncommon color call the attention, but it would be even more rare to see a person with eyes of different colors.

-Central Heterochromia
This is a kind of heterochromia, also known as cat eyes and can be considered even way rarer than the last one.

Vampires might not exist, but at least the red eyes that characterize them do.

These eyes are characterized by a dark iris, almost impossible to differentiate it from the pupil.

Since it’s an uncommon color, urban legends trying to explain the origin of this colors were made, one of them is the Alexandria’s syndrome.

This is probably one of the hardest colors to believe it actually exists, silver eyes are a reality and although they’re similar to blue eyes, from a genetic point of view, they have different hues.

Only 2% of the population have this kind of eyes and the females are the ones who usually possess them.

Color honey eyes can change from yellowish to golden or copper, which can be found between hazelnut and green colors.

According to studies from the professor Hans Eiberg, blue eyes we caused by a single person coming from the Black Sea who suffered a genetic mutation between the years 6 000 and 10 000.

Don’t mistake this color with the dark ones. This weird tone is between green and brown, it must not be confused with the heterochromia either.

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Inside the World’s Largest Collection of Science Fiction & Fantasy (Ep. 1)

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“It Came from Riverside” website:
10 Notable Fanzines in the Eaton Collection:
Venture inside UC Riverside’s Eaton Collection for a peek at some of its science fiction and fantasy treasures — including fanzines, manuscripts, first editions, posters and more — and an assessment of the collection’s significance within popular culture and academia.
The Eaton Collection:
UCTV Prime:
Series: “It Came from Riverside: Inside the World’s Largest Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy” [Humanities] [Show ID: 24037]

Do you care if your signed comics have a C.O.A.?

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Signed comics have always been a big deal in collecting, and Certificates of Authentication are more popular than ever. But, does it really matter to you whether your signed comics are certified?

Produced by Mark Allen
Opening Music: “Talking Guitars” by Manjit Trehan, found at
Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”