25 Astonishing & Rare Historical Photos Compilation – Part 2

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25 Extraordinary Rare Photos You Didn’t See In History Textbooks – Part 2 …Compilation of Powerful, Stunning, Strange Photographs From History — Music: Star of the Conqueror (radio edit) by Dhruva Aliman – …List of Photos Below-
The only photograph in existence of infamous outlaw Billy the Kid (1879)
Civil War Era General Ambrose Burnside. His distinctive style of facial hair became known as sideburns

Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev as a young man

Teenage Vladimir Putin in the 1960s

First Black Biker Gang, East Bay Dragons, Oakland, 1960

Shipyard worker August Landmesser, refusing to salute Hitler in Hamburg

German declaration of war in Munich, in 1914

Ukraine, 1942

Tables Turned: Freed Jewish Prisoner Holds German Soldier

Testing football helmets in 1912

NASA scientists with their board of calculations, 1961

“Walking Machine” tested wear on shoes (1937)

Testing bulletproof vest, 1923

1935, German soldier on trained horse

Reindeer Shell Shocked by Soviet bombers over Germany 1945

Soviet flag over the Reichstag

1899: Nikola Tesla in a multiple exposure picture with his Magnifying transmitter

Japanese war tubas, 1930s

Col. Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, hand-to-hand combat expert, 1943

Queen Elizabeth II firing a British L85 battle rifle in Surrey, England, 1993

Anne Frank’s father Otto, revisiting the attic where they hid.
He was the only survivor (1960)

Hockey goalie Terry Sawchuk before masks became standard game equipment, 1966

Shells from an allied creeping bombardment spent in a single day on German lines, 1916

Fishing buddies Che Guevara and Fidel Castro (1960)

Wedding 1931

Remains of Astronaut Vladimir Komarov, who fell from space, 1967

Samurai Ceremony, 1930

Albert Einstein at the beach

The 2,800 Year Old Kiss Teppe Hasanlu citadel Iran, Photo 1972

Music: Star of the Conqueror (radio edit) by Dhruva Aliman

Christmas Books | Bookhaul #14

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Hello friends!

Time to haul some books! This was so many books, but thankfully not as long as I was expecting it to be. Any books you are excited to read?

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Minecraft Xbox #381 – Motivation & My Weirdest Health Issue

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In this episode I talk about the things that are in the title wow

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I didn’t know! I didn’t know!

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Exploring Our Solar System: Planets and Space for Kids – FreeSchool

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Here is an in-depth introduction to the Solar System and the planets that are in it. From the sun to why poor Pluto is no longer considered a planet, come along for a ride across the Solar System and learn a ton of cool facts about Solar System! FreeSchool is great for kids!

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Best Books & Strategy for CTET 2018 | Paper 1 & 2 | My Recommendations

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In this video, I’ve discussed some selected and best books for CTET 2018, Paper 1 & 2.

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Rare paper money auction, star notes and other rare bills!

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Hope to see you all tomorrow!

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Tyger Burning: Should We Tell Aliens to Come and Visit?

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Our solar system is scary; that’s why my new book, “tyger burning” takes place in it! In this episode we examine this weird urge our scientist have, one which impels them to scream out to the universe “hey, we’re here – come see us!!!” It’s like they’ve never watched or read some of the most famous science fiction movies and books. We have no guarantee that an alien race won’t arrive at Earth and proceed to implant embryos in all our chests.

Also, I have a new book deal!!! I signed a contract with Baen Books ( who will be publishing my new science fiction book, TYGER BURNING – a novel about alien invasion – in July 2019.

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ILSC – Wednesday 5 for January 23, 2019

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What are the five books that will be making their way into my pull box for January 23rd? What comic earns my Vicious Cover of the Week? All these questions are answered in the latest Wednesday 5 vid!

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Discussing the Orville Nix JFK Footage (Rare Home Movie Footage)

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Here’s a link to the footage:

On this episode of Conspiracy Unlimited, Richard speaks with the granddaughter of Orville Nix who captured the JFK assassination on his home movie camera on November 22nd, 1963. The Nix film captures the presidential motorcade and the assassination from the opposite perspective of the more famous Zapruder film. Nix’s camera was facing the grassy knoll.


Gayle Nix Jackson was in downtown Dallas the day her grandfather took the famous Nix film of the JFK assassination. In 1988, 25 years after he sold his film to UPI, Gayle negotiated with the now defunct company to have the film returned to her family. It was at that time she found the camera original film was missing. She has been searching for it ever since. Oliver Stone used the Nix film in his film JFK and she appeared on several television shows and newscasts including Montel Williams, Geraldo, Entertainment Tonight, and several radio and local newscasts. John Barbour, the godfather of reality TV, interviewed her for his award winning documentary, The Garrison Tapes.

Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film is Nix-Jackson’s first of several books regarding the horrific events of November 22, 1963. She hopes her readers will educate their children about the mishandling of the investigation into the JFK assassination and help in her ultimate quest to find the missing Nix film.

Gayle lives in Texas with her daughter Taylor, son Chance, her father Orville Nix, Jr. and her precious pets, Socrates, Antigone (Annie), Trudeau and Joy.

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I’m Too Old for This Sh*t Book Club ANNOUNCEMENT!

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Do you some times feel out of place on booktube? Well, look no further! I have the book club for you! 🙂 The I’m Too Old for This Sh*t Book Club is a book club for us booktube misfits.


How long to read the book club pick?
1 month (but 1 read every other month)

How should the book club pick be chosen?
Members offer suggestions
Hosts choose options from suggestions
Member pick final book

What genres?
Mainly SFF and Historical fictional based upon votes, but I think that there will be a range of genres represented! It is whatever genre the group decides to pick.

Also, you don’t have to participate each month if the book doesn’t interest you. 🙂

Liveshows will happen with each read, but do to schedules that may change.

Liveshow will be on youtube, but will coincide w/ Twitter.

Other info:
-Protagonists w/ 30+ characters and adulthood/middle age
themes will be priority, but not a necessity.


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OneRepublic – Counting Stars

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